Andrew Dimes

Software Developer

My Skills

Python | JavaScript | C# | .NET | Bootstrap | HTML5 | CSS3 | Django | ReactJS | Node.js | Express.js | MongoDB | Mysql

Check Out My Recent Projects Below


TipTree is a fully responsive and mobile-friendly web application that helps tip-based workers track their income and manage their finances. As someone who has worked in the hospitality industry for many years, I have used numerous tip tracking tools and found them to be lacking in user experience and quality. With TipTree, I aimed to create a better solution that was both user-friendly and free of charge. In addition to tracking income, the app allows users to track their income across multiple jobs. The app was built using MongoDB, Express.js, ReactJS, and Node.js, with styling done in SASS, and was deployed to Heroku.

My Maintenance

My Maintenance is an application that helps apartment communities manage repairs requested by residents. Residents can sign up, create a profile, and submit work orders, which can include pictures to provide more information to the maintenance team. When a work order is submitted, a member of the maintenance team can accept it and change its status from "submitted" to "open." Upon completion, the work order's status is changed to "complete," alerting the resident. Maintenance team members can also leave comments on work orders to provide status updates to residents. The app was developed using Django, Python, PostgreSQL, and Materialize, and was deployed to Heroku.


OverStats is an application that helps Overwatch players view their in-game statistics and performance. The app utilizes a third-party API and a backend that makes API calls to the Overwatch API, processes the data, and stores it in a MongoDB database. The app also generates graphs and charts using CanvasJS and React, allowing players to view their win rates, kill/death ratios, and other data. The app is cross-platform, allowing users to search for players on PC, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Nintendo Switch. I implemented JWT for authentication and built the app using the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, ReactJS, and Node.js), and deployed it to Heroku.


Fanime is a web application that enables users to browse a database of over 10,000 anime titles. As part of a team of two other developers, I used GitHub to collaborate remotely and utilized a third-party API called Kitsu to build our database. I developed the backend that made API calls to Kitsu and stored the data in a PostgreSQL database. To allow users to favorite anime and add them to their profile page, I created an algorithm that stores anime details once they are viewed, resulting in a dynamic and growing database. The app features a fully responsive design with authentication, and was built with Django, Python, PostgreSQL, Materialize, and deployed to Heroku.

The Local Bar & Grill

A restaurant web application that includes a cart system for logged-in customers to browse the menu and place orders online, as well as a review page for customers to leave feedback. The main page features specials and events, and the application has OAuth capabilities to allow users to sign in using their Google accounts. The application was developed using MongoDB, Express, Node.js, and Materialize, and was deployed to Heroku.


This is a fun game of checkers I built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This project helped me strengthen my knowledge of the fundamentals.